Vivid Leds, Inc. provides LED wall mount lighting including LED wall packs according to your project requirements or you can choose from our existing product line.

Save huge by reducing your maintenance costs of constantly replacing bulbs. Our Vivid Leds wall mount solution includes bulbs with a lifespan up to 100,000 hours.

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The Veha WM Series LED Wall Mount. The Vega RB LED Wall Mount. The Vega WP Series LED light.The iBox Adjust 12 Series LED Wall Pack.The iBox Adjust 16 Series LED Wall Pack. Precision Series LED Wall Pack The iBox Semi Cut-off Series Hooded Medium LED Wall Pack. The iBox Semi Cut-off Hooded Large LED Wall Pack. The iBox Semi Cut-off Hooded Large Deep LED Wall Pack. iBox Standard Series LED Wall Pack Small. The iBox Standard Series LED Wall pack medium.

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Vivid Leds, Inc.
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  • Commercial

    LED T8, Low Bays, High Bays, Street Lights, Linear, & Pendants.
  • Residential

    LED Par Cans, Spot Lights, Household Lamps & Candelabra Replacement lamps
  • Architectural

    LED Wash Lighting, Underwater Lights, Landscape Lighting, String Lighting, & Tower Lights.
  • Retail

    T8 LED, T10 LED, T5 LED, LED Spot Lights, LED Display Lighting, LED Par Lights