LED High Bay lighting and LED Low Bay lighting fixtures are perfect for LED area lighting canopy and gas station lighting applications. When the goal is to have the brightest under-canopy lighting in the market, Vivid Led's Vega Series canopy lighting out-shines the competition! The result of this escalating process has been a steady increase in the luminance produced by under-canopy lighting. Today, luminance on the apron under the canopy commonly exceed 1000 lx which is more than double the luminance used in many office buildings.

At Vivid Leds, Inc. we take a different approach. It’s time to GO GREEN, without sacrificing precious light, by using our LED Canopy lights for your gas station lighting and gas station canopy. Not only can we save you money on the exterior but we can also retrofit your convenience store lighting or maintenance garage lighting with LED lighting.

We can redesign your lighting systems or retrofit your existing systems with our latest bulbs.

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The Vega RM Canopy LED light.

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The Venus Surface Mount LED light.

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The Venus Recessed Canopy LED light.

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The Exite Canopy Series LED light.

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The Exite Recessed Canopy LED light.

Vivid Leds offers led under-canopy lighting for  your gas station lighting application!

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The GI Canopy Series LED light.

Vivid Leds offers led lighting for convenience store and maintenace garage applications!

Vivid Leds offers led lighting for convenience store and maintenace garage applications!

Vivid Leds offers led lighting for convenience store and maintenace garage applications!

We offer LED lights and LED garage lights for gas station canopy and convenient store lighting. Our LED garage bulbs will last years, reducing your maintenance costs. There are many types of LED gas station lighting available. Vivid Leds, Inc. offers LED canopy lights for your gas station bulbs and gas station lights.

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