Church Lighting Design is an art. The shape of the fixtures and the lamps, the height and distribution of the lights and the type of lighting mount used can all contribute greatly to the available light in a room.

Why double the number of bulbs or increase the wattage size of the lamps, since this can cause electrical bills to skyrocket? At Vivid Leds, Inc. we have the solution… church LED replacement bulbs!

The structural wiring in many older churches simply cannot handle that much additional wattage. The solution is to switch to a lamp that uses a fraction of the wattage and is a much brighter white – LEDS! With LED church lighting, you can be assured of a drastic reduction on your wattage usage.

We realize at Vivid Leds that you have put a lot of time and money into creating the perfect lighting scenario in your church’s sanctuary. This is why we feature both warm and cool LED products that are also dimmable.

Have you considered the cost benefits of switching to LED? Vivid Leds has a LED replacement lamp for all of your fixtures. Save 80% of your energy cost and enjoy 100,000 hours of not having to change your bulbs. From the lighting in your parking lot with a LED street light, to the classrooms with a LED lamp, LED lamp or LED spot light or to the hallway, our church LED lights will be a GREEN alternative that will be pleasing to all.

Contact us today and learn how your church LED lighting will effectively lower your costs of ownership. Become part of our network team of LED churches that go green in your community. Our LED church lights will be the solution to all of your energy woes.

LED downlights

Twilight PAR64X2 Series spot light for church stages

Shop for LED T8, LED T10, and LED T5 lights!

Shop for LED T8, LED T10, and LED T5 lights!

Drop-in Panel Series for church lighting

It's time to go green with led flourescent replacement lights!

Multi Mount Panel Series for church lighting

Let be your LED lighting source!

Our energy reducing LED airport lamps are great for heliport lighting!

Our energy reducing LED airport lamps are great for heliport lighting!

The Miaze Industrial Series LED replacement lamp.

Shop for LED lamps, led lights, an LED A-lamp, and LED mr-16 lighting applications!

Explore our selection of LED lights, LED lamps, and LED par, LED gu10 and LED a-19 lights!

maize Direct series replacement lamp


Find your LED MR-16, LED MR16, led mr16 lights at!

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It's time to go green!

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